Pixelorama's toolbar can be found on the left side of the UI:#


Here you'll find the tools you'll be using to create whatever your heart tells you. This list is bound to change/expand in future updates.#

The tools you see in order are:#

  1. Rectangular Selection
  2. Zoom
  3. Color Picker
  4. Pencil
  5. Eraser
  6. Bucket
  7. Lighten/Darken

The purpose of the toolbar is to enable easy access to all of the available tools. The tool you choose changes the available tool options you can find on the right side of the UI. For more details find the page "tool options" in the documentation.

Hovering your mouse over the tool of your choice will result in a small display that describes it further. It will look like this:


Note that some of the tools are half blue and half orange. Blue represents the left click and orange represents the right click. So, if for example you left click on the pencil tool, its icon will turn half blue, indicating that this tool is mapped for the left click. If you right click on another tool, its icon will turn half orange, indicating that it's mapped for the right click. So, every time you are on your canvas, if you left click, the tool that you left clicked on the toolbar will be used and if you right click, the tool that you right clicked will be used. You can left and right click the same tool, making it both blue and orange, indicating that this tool will be used by either click on the canvas. Some alterations can seen below:

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