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Welcome fellow dreamer to the documentation of Pixelorama, the free and open source Pixel Art creation tool. The ultimate goal of this program is to be able to catch up with the user's imagination and assist them in creating any kind of pixel art they wish. This could be a cool landscape, a dope animation, game graphics, random sketches or a well thought pixelated meme. Thank you for coming this far into researching our tool!

In the documentation you will understand the tool better, learn of every aspect and feature it has, follow its tutorials and eventually you will be able to master it and apply it to your own pixelated goals. If you are an experienced pixel artist, familiar with most of Pixelorama's functionalities you can search some specific features and understand them better or get some ideas on how to creatively apply techniques you may not have thought of. In any case fasten your seatbelts because we are about to start!

Before we start:#

If you encounter any issue regarding the documentation, the program isn't working properly or something isn't as clarified and you have a question regarding it, you can seek help in our community channels

This Documentation is split into 3 main sections that are:

  • The About section (current one) which has the purpose to Introduce you to Pixelorama and its features, explain how the documentation works and teach you how to navigate through it
  • The Tutorials section that aims to clarify how every feature works. You don't need to read this part in order and you can always visit this section again in the future if you forgot about a functionality or need to revise something
  • The Development and Contribution section which shows all the people that have contributed to the project, provides you with all the necessary links to keep in touch with the community and expands the documentation with valuable links
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